June 30 – Update on the Inventory

As you know, awhile back (and by a while I mean several years ago) I started cleaning and sorting out my inventory. A task that is never easy, as many of you already know. I created a folder with the same title as this blog to help me organize my items for later posts. I further organized this folder based on years and months.

Over the last few weeks, I have whittled away slowly and the large inventory (coming to the conclusion that I am a hoarder) and took great joy in realizing that I was now sorting items from 2012-2014. I guess I didn’t do much shopping in these years as my current search resulted in these years being among the same group.

While the process is slow, I am coming up with some great ideas for future blog posts, show the items from my past. While at the same time, creating posts of the present on the sister site (if interested in seeing what is occurring over there, you can visit it here). 

For now, I am going to head back to sorting my inventory and laughing over the items that I find.

June 30 - update


It has begun…

I wasn’t entirely sure where to start with my inventory clean up, that would ultimately lead to a stroll down memory lane, and eventually forgot all about my purpose for this blog. Then today something almost wonderful happened. I was looking through a folder marked “Homes” and laughed when I remembered the very first home I had bought.

It was then that I knew in order to start my journey, I needed to start at the beginning. Now that will be a little difficult, for you see I do not have that first skin I got or the first shape even, and I must have trashed the first set of clothes I bought as well (mostly freebies anyway). I then came upon the very first home I bought in SL and looked at the date it was bought.

I was then hit with the idea of doing an inventory search of dates items were bought. Pure gold flashed upon my screen! I now have my starting point and a treasure trove of goodies for you to view as I post them here for everyone to see.

Now some of you may be asking what have I done with the items now that I found them, categorized them by month and year, and created some rather amusing blog posts with them…. well I have put them into a box for safe keeping… for now.

It has begun, I have finally found some time to dig through the many folders in which I hoard away old unused and in some cases forgotten items. Some I look back on with great fondness, while others bring a few unwanted memories and some tears.

I must also add that my luggage is now much lighter than it was before I started 🙂



I do not know how you got here or how you found this site, but let me welcome you to “The Collective Musings of Cat : from the Past” my sister site to “The Collective Musings of Cat”.

Perhaps you stumbled upon this blog by pure chance or you came here from a link on my main blog, either way I hope you come back often to see what new and curious oddities I dig out of my inventory to share with my readers before I place them within a box and allow them to grow dust and never see the light of day again.

I warn you though, the items you are about to pay witness to are old and dated. The come from a time before Mesh took over mainstream. They are from a time when prims and sculpts were all the rage. They tickled my fiance enough I had to have them.

You will witness the grotesque,  the curious, and yes even the cute items that I collected. You will see homes, decor, and even fashion.

I do hope you stay and maybe share a store or two with me. Grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy the ride.