It has begun…

I wasn’t entirely sure where to start with my inventory clean up, that would ultimately lead to a stroll down memory lane, and eventually forgot all about my purpose for this blog. Then today something almost wonderful happened. I was looking through a folder marked “Homes” and laughed when I remembered the very first home I had bought.

It was then that I knew in order to start my journey, I needed to start at the beginning. Now that will be a little difficult, for you see I do not have that first skin I got or the first shape even, and I must have trashed the first set of clothes I bought as well (mostly freebies anyway). I then came upon the very first home I bought in SL and looked at the date it was bought.

I was then hit with the idea of doing an inventory search of dates items were bought. Pure gold flashed upon my screen! I now have my starting point and a treasure trove of goodies for you to view as I post them here for everyone to see.

Now some of you may be asking what have I done with the items now that I found them, categorized them by month and year, and created some rather amusing blog posts with them…. well I have put them into a box for safe keeping… for now.

It has begun, I have finally found some time to dig through the many folders in which I hoard away old unused and in some cases forgotten items. Some I look back on with great fondness, while others bring a few unwanted memories and some tears.

I must also add that my luggage is now much lighter than it was before I started 🙂




I do not know how you got here or how you found this site, but let me welcome you to “The Collective Musings of Cat : from the Past” my sister site to “The Collective Musings of Cat”.

Perhaps you stumbled upon this blog by pure chance or you came here from a link on my main blog, either way I hope you come back often to see what new and curious oddities I dig out of my inventory to share with my readers before I place them within a box and allow them to grow dust and never see the light of day again.

I warn you though, the items you are about to pay witness to are old and dated. The come from a time before Mesh took over mainstream. They are from a time when prims and sculpts were all the rage. They tickled my fiance enough I had to have them.

You will witness the grotesque,  the curious, and yes even the cute items that I collected. You will see homes, decor, and even fashion.

I do hope you stay and maybe share a store or two with me. Grab a drink, sit back, and enjoy the ride.